Whitening Face Cream Formula

You can make this cream at Home using these important Creams mixing together. This is the best Cream Formula for Whitening Face in few days. These creams are avilable in the Pakistani Markets Easily. You can purchase all of these creams from the Pakistani Market (Bazar) just in Rs.800 to Rs. 900/- Only.

How To Mix all Creams

  1. Take a bowl and mix any two to creams
  2. Now, one by one add another one in it and mix
  3. Mixing all of creams 5 to 8 Minutes
  4. In last mix 2 Vitamin Capsules in it and mix it.

You can place this cream mixture and cold place.

File:Whitening Face Cream Formula.svg
Whitening Face Cream Formula

Using Method:

Use this cream in the night before go to sleep.

Wash your face with water and any face soap (Lux)
clean your face and use cream on your face

In moring wash your face with water and soap.

After 10 Days your face will be bright and clean.

Note: Men also can use this Cream
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